Project Management in Event Management


Project management at a commercial high school
10 units of 50 minutes


Identify similarities between project management and event management
Apply project management techniques to event planning
Explain the importance of risk management and insurance of risks
Plan an event by using project management tools


Knowledge of project management tools
Knowledge of event management

Characteristics of a project applied to an event

Projects as well as events are unique and timed operations producing and outcome.
Their objectives should be formulated in a SMART way. This means objectives have to be
achievable (or agreed on)

The deliverables have to be met within the boundaries of time, costs and quality.

Useful tools from Project Management are:
Work Breakdown Structure
Project Planning Techniques
Gantt Charts
Risk Management

Work Breakdown Structure

The event manager has to break down the job into parts and put these parts in a hierarchical order.

Gantt Charts
This tool is easily applicable to events showing the tasks in a time order. Gantt charts conist of the list of tasks and the time it takes to finish them.

Risk Management
Event managers have to provide a safe event for all people concerned. This means all staff involved need adequate training. Furthermore legal requirements have to be met – regulations set by the
EU, by provincial governement or local authorities.

Imagine that your organisation (a producer of toys made of wood) is planning to exhibit a new range of products at an international trade fair. Carry out the planning of that exhibit by using appropriate project management tools.
This task involves looking for a suitable trade show, calculating the costs, preparation of promotional material, staff training and planning of marketing activities.

Literature: Shone, Anton and Parry, Brian. Successful Event Management. A practical handbook. Second Edition. Thomson. London 2004