Retail & Wholesale Questions

1. A number of general trends affect the retailing industry worldwide. Give examples and show the impact on employees.

2. Describe the following functions of trade:

  • Economic function
  • Service and ecological functions
  • Distributive function
  • Communicative function

3. Give an explanation of the term ‘convenience store’.

4. Outline the business of retail trade.

5. Discuss prevention and waste reduction in the retail trade.

6. Give an overview of the performance factors and performance areas of the retail trade.

7. Describe three levels of the service system.

8. Explain three types of non-store retailing.

9. Assess the advantages of the EAN-system in combination with the electronic point of sale scanning system.

10. Explain three types of store retailing.

11. Describe pricing strategies relative to different target groups.

12. Define ‘retailing’. Explain the nature of retailing and wholesaling in the distribution channel.

13. What are the main functions of wholesalers and retailers.

14. Give an overview on the different types of retailers.