Marketing: The Marketing Mix

Students sometimes feel bored with convential lessons built on PowerPoint, lectures, exercises, creating summaries and closing discussions. They want a more reality-based approach. That’s why a short brainstorming session was held resulting in an agprocedure:

  1. Field research: That means taking pictures of posters placed at different locations of the city
  2. Before students go out they create a checklist for poster analysis. One form is necessary for each picture to be taken
  3. Finally they get into groups of 4-6, walk around to different places, take pictures and enter their results into their checklist
  4. They return to class, transfer their photographs from their cellphones or cameras to their notebook, create a short PowerPoint presentation – consisting only of a small number of slides – to introduce their findings to class
  5. A short discussion in class takes place after each team’s presentation. Then they rank their pictures and discuss their reasoning.

Repetition of the Marketing Mix Basics:

The students already have dealt with the subject in their 2nd form.

They get into groups of 3-4. Each group prepares a presentation and a handout including one of the core concepts as well as questions on the extended Marketing Mix topics:

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion
  • Physical layout
  • Provision of customer service
  • Processes

For doing that task students can use their textbook “Marketing and International Business” by Manz Verlag Schulbuch as well as the following websites:

Marketing terms and hundreds of other business words can be found on the brand new Business English Posters: