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Communication revision questions

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Revision questions

1. Fill in the gaps:

  • I’d like to ____________________________the idea that…….
  • If you agree to our price proposal, then we will accept your ____________________terms.
  • If you give us 4 per cent ______________________________, then we will sign
  • the__________________________________.
  • We can _______________________________that.
  • What if the ___________________________ ____________________________ goes down?
  • High quality? Can you _________________________________?

2. Describe the BEST-model.

3. Fill in the gaps.

International negotiators should be able to

  • deal with ____________________ _______________
  • __________________________________ as others see it.
  • express themselves in a way that ____________________________________________.

4. What are the key attributes of a successful negotiator?

Answer key

1. put forward; delivery; discount, contract; go with; exchange rate; specify


B for building relationships

E for exchange information

S for structural bargain

T for total commitment

3. ambigous situations; see the world; everyone can understand

4. the willingness to take risks; the ability to think under stress; stamina and patience