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99 tips for a better life

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Overcome your fears
Never give up!
Learn a new language
Get up early
Have a morning & evening ritual
Create your life vision
Get yourself a notebook
Read daily
Start jogging
Help others
Break negative habits
Take a break
Breathe deep & relaxed
Don’t get distracted
Spend time with your children
Stop worrying about things
Get out of your comfort zone
Let go of the past
Don’t hesitate – DO IT!
Stop watching TV
Start a project/business
Meditate 20 minutes a day
Reduce the time on social networks
Have role models & mentors
Surround yourself with positive people
Stay away from negative people
Take risks
Celebrate the successes of others
Keep your workplace tidy
Appreciate what you have more
Minimize junk food in your diet
Learn to give good speeches & presentations
Be exceptional
Don’t give a shit what others think about you
Spend time without your computer
Get feedback
Live in the moment
Keep a to-do list
Become more self-confident
Learn to say “no”
Challenge yourself
Stop existing & start living
Make yourself an interesting person
Don’t be stubborn
Don’t be a know-it-all
Find your passion
Be honest with yourself
Don’t be lazy
Always choose the better point of view
Travel to a foreign country
Do weight training
Learn to control your emotions
Ride a bike instead of driving a car
Attend a seminar/workshop
Do what is necessary!
Delete a limiting belief
Give away unnecessary items
Save 10% of your income
Sing in the shower
Give someone a compliment
Learn to play a musical instrument
Take care of your appearance
Donate regularly
Learn to play chess
Keep your email inbox tidy
Make a good first impression
Drink enough water
Don’t take work home with you
Don’t be constantly glued to your smartphone
Get enough sleep
Check your mails only 1/day
Eat slower & chew more often
Do single-tasking instead of multitasking
See failure as something valuable
Motivate & inspire yourself
Work according to the Pomodoro technique
Spend quiet moments in nature
Don’t take anything personally
Apply the Pareto principle everywhere
Do not jump to conclusions
Always do your best
Be a true friend
Do not expect anything from anyone
Always be in control of your own life
Be an optimist & idealist
Join a movement
Learn something from everyone you meet
Keep your promises
Fight for what is right
Be happy with the fact that you are not perfect
Quit your job if you hate it
Repeat the name of the people you meet
Stop letting yourself be socially conditioned
Do things that overwhelm you at first
Be a leader – not a follower
Never “grow up”
Apologize when you should
Learn to really listen
Don’t just be present, be fully there