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Parent tip for homework

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Remind your child about homework only once. Just once, because some parents are on their children’s case every twenty minutes with homework: “What all do you have to do for school today? When are you going to do it? Shouldn’t you be getting started?” It’s annoying. A clear agreement such as “Homework is done before dinner” and a one-time reminder “Now is the last moment to start” at 5:30 p.m. is quite enough and brings relaxation.

Therefore, leave the responsibility with the child. The child does the homework for school or for himself. Letting the child go to school with unfinished homework is often more healing than constant arguing.

It is also important to help only if your help is accepted, because homework discussions are useless! For this, the rule: “I will help you only if you accept my help.” If the child starts nagging, say, “Now it’s getting unproductive. I’m going to do the dishes. Call me if you want to keep working,” and leave. You wouldn’t believe how many kids will take a step toward homework if you leave enough room for it.