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Influence of intelligence on memory performance

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You can have a good memory even with a low IQ, because in principle every brain has similar capabilities, but the question is how much you challenge your brain, because the brain can be trained well, with successes often being visible after just two weeks of memory training. Brain jogging games or apps help insofar as they train concentration, because in order to memorise something, you have to concentrate. Some people are still proud when they can do several tasks at the same time, but that doesn’t work. Incidentally, when playing brain jogging games, it is important not to always solve the same tasks, because the human brain needs variety. Many technical aids in everyday life help people not to forget anything, but in reality people are less challenged by them, i.e. the modern world and modern media are gradually changing the brain. When technology was not as advanced as it is today, the working memory had to memorise more, but also had more time to do so. Today, tasks come faster and faster, the brain has to react more quickly so that not everything it takes in can be memorised, but it has to constantly select or sort out.