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The last few meters of learning: Reduce and keep the most important things in mind

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Towards the end of the learning process, it is important to reduce and keep the most important things in mind. Many learning contents do not need to be repeated once they have been grasped. We only need key words to remind us of important points or a guide to lead us through the exam, oral test or presentation. If the material is condensed, the repetition effort can be reduced, the essentials can be kept in mind and more clarity can be created. Repetition is the “strength training” when it comes to learning, but you shouldn’t just repeat material, you should add variety to the subject matter. Now the material must be applied, consolidated with examples and practiced: Here, quick arithmetic is required, there, the presentation must be to the point. And further: “That’s why the term ‘training’ is a better term for this process than ‘repetition’. This illustrates the active part of this learning phase – there is no need for boring, passive reading of notes.