Lesson Plan 7 Call Center

1. Introduction

Show the Homepage of CCC Competence Call Center to highlight the importance and widespread activities of call centers.

2. Objectives

Know the different services offered by call centers: incoming, outgoing, E-mail, Fax, Letter, Consulting, and Training
Know call center related jobs: inbound agent, outbound agent, IT-administration, team manager, project manager, human resources manager
Know the job description of the a.m. jobs, skills requirements
Know the history of call centers
Analyse the reasons for outsourcing corporate services now offered by call centers

3. Input

PowerPoint Presentation about Call Centers including
Who uses Call Centers?
Types of Call Center Services
Customer Acquisition
Customer Care
Direct Response
Business to Business

Key concepts

Definition: A call center is a physical place where customer and other telephone calls are handled by an organization,
usually with some amount of computer automation.

Types of Call Center Services:

Customer Acquisition
Customer acquisition is the most popular service that call centers offer. Customer acquisition
includes generating customers, but allowing consumers to contact a representative to make a purchase (i.e. catalogue sales). Usually a business will contract out a call center operated by a team of trained professionals, as well as a script full of soft sell and response information in order to generate sales.

Customer Care
Customers need information regarding their bills, would like to cancel a service or require support with a company’s equipment or service. Therefore it is important to provide the customer with
the very best in service and support functions. Part of customer care, customer support is the object of many people’s woes with call centers.

Direct Response
Direct response usually refers to sales that are generated by customers contacting a company to purchase a product or service . These consumers may find a product or service that they would like to purchase through a catalogue, TV or radio commercial or through a phone number posted in an advertisement or on the internet. Direct response is is usually staffed with the most resources, trained representatives that are knowledgeable about products and services and are also trained in cross selling .

Business to Business
Many call centers are outsourced to provide business to business services. Call centers might help with human resources, insurance services, business technology support, healthcare,
office supplies, other types of purchases, travel, etc. In addition, you might find it appropriate to
hire a call center to generate business to business sales.

4. Practice

Search the Web for Call Center Sites, e.g. CCC, other companies

Different groups search for different topics:

Jobs and Job descriptions
Locations, countries, languages

Compare different companies

Prepare a short presentation and deliver your results to the class

5. Discussion

6. Review

Answer the following questions:

What is a Call Center?

What are the types of Call Center services? Explain the different types .

Give examples of Call Center careers.

Who uses Call Centers?