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Stress due to inner drivers

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There is an inner driver that causes you to go beyond your limits and thus creepingly lose energy and focus:

  • Be perfect! This driver is good for important projects because it pushes us forward and lets us shine. But your household, your diary and many routine tasks just need to get done – without constantly making them worse.
  • Be strong! An Indian knows no pain! This belief system drives you to go beyond your limits too often and to always put your own needs in the backseat to others or your work.
  • Do right by everyone! Don’t fall apart! You’re too nice? You can’t say no? Sure, you’ve been taught not to stand out from the crowd, because not everyone can handle attention and headwinds on their own.
  • Hurry up! Can’t settle down? The hurry up! driver is breathing down your neck! Then when you do have time, you feel that inner restlessness and can’t relax.
  • Make an effort! Work has to hurt, only then is it good! People with this dynamic believe that only results with prior effort have value. They lack lightness. Successes of others are often seen enviously instead of being inspired by them.