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What can you learn from cats

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Cats have certain habits that are beneficial to humans, whereby they can use them to improve their lives. But what can and should you learn from cats?

Cleanliness and order: Cats love order and do not accept dirt next to them. They avoid dirty dishes and don’t even eat from them to avoid getting dirty. They also wash and lick constantly.
Independence: Cats are independent animals that walk on their own. They only choose the activities and things they like. Humans, on the contrary, often attach great importance to other people’s opinions, which is why they try to adapt to them and limit themselves in many ways.
Ability to stand up for themselves: Cats do not allow themselves to be insulted, but always defend themselves and their interests. If the cat does not like something, it may bite or scratch. Humans, on the other hand, are not always able to stand up for themselves and defend their interests, so they are forced to endure pain and resentment and live with all kinds of problems.
Acceptance of themselves: Often people are dissatisfied with themselves and their appearance, so they do not accept themselves and try to change. If this dissatisfaction goes on long enough, their self-esteem and self-confidence can drop. Cats, on the other hand, accept themselves as everyone and love themselves no matter how they look, what they did today, who they chased.
Calm: Most of the time cats are absolutely calm, indifferent to what is happening next to them, they can sleep or just relax. Humans, on the other hand, cannot stay calm and often get embarrassed.