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Why do most students never learn how to study properly?

Students probably spend most of their time at university learning. Nevertheless, very few students know that there are different learning techniques that also work differently well. Universities and colleges also provide little information about proper learning methods, although the lack of knowledge about them is precisely the reason why many students fail. Therefore, it is not surprising that there are studies about the fact that many students use wrong or ineffective learning methods. Like many students, I had extreme problems in the first semesters preparing well enough for the exams. As a result, I became extremely stressed, even questioned my choice of study and had regular sleeping problems. Today I am sure that this could have been avoided if I had known how to effectively teach myself knowledge. After my first semesters, I started to intensively study how to learn effectively and was able to greatly improve my grade point average and my general feeling of being a student. Nevertheless, I still see many of my fellow students learning ineffectively because they don’t know that there are different effective learning methods or don’t know about them. I have therefore created a website that conveys knowledge about the right learning techniques in a simple and entertaining way. I hope I can help students to get through their studies better.

This website contains a selection of effective learning techniques specially compiled for students at universities or universities of applied sciences. These techniques are based on knowledge that has been proven in learning psychology and have been tested in practice by many students of the author of the learning tips. In the following overview, these learning tips are arranged according to content areas, whereby an attempt was made to move from the more general aspects of studying to specific questions.

Learning tips for studying