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The Culture Triangle Model

The culture triangle is a model showing that three categories determine how people behave and how they interact: communication, organization and leadership.

Communication is
centred on language, nonverbal communication and other behaviour that gives messages about our expectations and beliefs.

The other two categories relate to values. The first is a set of values about organizations and the role of individuals within it. How work is organized.
The second is a set of values about leadership.

Culture is a system that enables individuals and groups to deal with each other and the outside world.

The three pre-dominant categories of cultural behaviour are:
communication, leadership and organization

Corporate cultures are determined by the interaction of parent culture, technology and external environment.
Review questions:

  1. Explain the term “culture triangle” and describe the model.
  2. What does culture do?
  3. What are the three pre-dominate categories of cultural behaviour?
  4. Which ways of classifying corporate culture do you know?

PowerPoint presentation on culture