Job Advertisements and Job Descriptions

Learning objectives:

  1. Understand the meaning of words used in job advertisements
  2. Create a job description using a job ad from the career section of a recent newspaper
  3. Evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of job descriptions


Review of vocabulary:

Carry out a job ads vocabulary grid game:
Learners in groups of 3 are each given a slip of paper with words and definitions next to the words. The definitions to their words are on the slip of paper which one of the other learners has. They must find together the correct definitions.
(This activity is taken from: Rosenberg, Marjorie (2001). Communicative Business Activities. Wien: bv & hpt)

Analysis of job advertisements:

Analyse a job ad of the weekend career section of a newspaper. Find out the format of the job description and personnel specification.

Creating a job description:

Write down a job description for the post stated in the job advert. Use a template for this activity (E.g. based on Personnel Management. Manz Verlag Schulbuch)

Evaluate the benefits and the negative potential of job descriptions:

Use the Internet to find out articles on this topic.
Discussion of findings.
Create a handout including the essential results of web search and discussion.