Human Resources Management

Key concepts

The Purposes of Human Resources Management are:

  • recruit
  • develop
  • utilise an organisations’s personnel in a way which is most appropriate to the achievement of a firm’s objectives

Recruitment and selection

  1. requirements of an organisatgions workforce plan
  2. attracting suitable candidates for vacancy
  3. selecting the right person for the job

Training and development

Training: Introduction how to carry out tasks directly related to the current job

Development: Helping an individual to reach his or her full potential

4 key objectives of training and development

1. Help a new employee reach the level of performance expected from an experienced worker

Induction: explain the firm’s operating facilities, health and safety measures, security system, introduce the individual to key employees, give an expression of the culture of the organisation

2. Drive an employee along the personal learning curve as quickly as possible

  • provide a wide pool of skills
  • get as fast as possible from the actual performance to the desired performance,
  • from the current level of skills to the required level of skills,
  • from the current level of knowledge to the required level of knowledge

3. Develop a knowledgeable and committed workforce

4. Deliver high quality products and services