New technologies

New products are

  • WAP
  • Internet TV
  • Virtual reality
  • Bluetooth


Wireless Application Protocol or WAP enables mobile phones to display Internet information.
Some models combine a phone with a PDA. They look like a regular phone with a dialpad and a small screen on its front.

The future is called ‘third-generation’ (3G) mobiles. They transmit a caller’s picture and voice simultaneously.

UMTS mobile phones deliver users information, e-commerce, games and videoconferencing via fixed, wireless and satellite networks.

Internet TV

Internet TV sets allow you to surf the Web and receive or send e-mails while you are watching TV.

The next generation of Internet television will contain a smart-card for online-shopping, banking or other internet services.

Virtual reality

Virtual reality lets people interact with artificial objects and environments through three-dimensional computer simulation. You get the feeling of being part of an aritficial three-dimensional world. VR can be applied to anything from video games, testing a motor vehicle, visiting a virtual exhibitio, to checking out imaginary home designs.


Bluetooth is a standard wireless technology initiated by Ericsson to connect mobile phones, computers and other devices, replacing direct cable links. Today Bluetooth is supported by Nokia, IBM, Toshiba and Intel. The Bluetooth technology is based on high-frequency radio waves, therefore the transfer of data and voice is very fast. Data are protected by advanced methods of encryption and authentication.